Kiev is preparing for the final

IEV already aroma end. The city is adorned these days with the colors of the Champions and the finalist clubs and is also preparing for the arrival of 60,000 fans from all over Europe, 40,000 from Madrid and Liverpool. In fact, today we worked in the vicinity of the stadium in the security protocol. Because as it happens in every final of the Champions League, the organizing city and its stadium will be completely armored. Today there has been a general rehearsal in the vicinity of the stadium with volunteers and the Ukrainian military police, which is the one that will ensure the safety of both hobbies. Several situations that may occur on the day of the final were worked on, especially in the vicinity of the field, located in the center of the city.

While the military police made their rehearsals, also aimed at avoiding any terrorist attack, the UEFA operatives worked hard to make the stadium beautiful with the colors of Real Madrid and Liverpool. The shields of the finalists already hang from the Kiev Olympic, both inside and outside, as well as some of the most emblematic buildings of the city. Everything will be ready by the end of this week so that the first fans who arrive in Kiev will find the whole city in perfect condition of the magazine and with an authentic atmosphere of Champions.Bet on your favourite team with our apuestas365 soccer tips.

THE AFITION ARRIVES ON SATURDAY The fans of Real Madrid will arrive in their great majority the same Saturday of the end, in charter flights that in their great majority take off from Madrid in the early morning of Friday to Saturday, since the distance between the two cities forces to fly with much more advance than in previous finals, where it was easier to arrive.

The fans of Real Madrid will concentrate to 15-20 minutes walking about the stadium where the match will be played and there will be giant screens in which to follow the meeting for security reasons. As in Cardiff, there will be food and drink stalls, but large concentrations around a screen or stage will be avoided. Liverpool fans will be concentrated closer to the stadium than those of Real Madrid, but completely isolated from the whites for security reasons, although as in all finals both hobbies will end up mixing and awaits the Ukrainian police without problems. The most dangerous English hooligans will have special surveillance.